Three Reasons Patients Visit for a Shoulder Pain Treatment

Posted on: July 15, 2017

If suffering from intense shoulder pain, visit our clinic for a shoulder pain treatment. It can be difficult to perform daily tasks such as moving around at work, household activities, playing with the kids or even meeting job requirements when the shoulder is in excruciating pain. It can also be incredibly distracting and make it difficult to concentrate.

This is something that no one should have to suffer from on a regular basis. Visiting our clinic is the best way to ensure that you do not. Some of the common ways that people injure their shoulders are:

#1. Sports injury

Adults may hit the court on a lunch break or sign up for a softball league without realizing that as people age, the body changes. Movements that were easy during high school days or even in elementary school, may cause physical pain or discomfort. Sudden jerks to make that tough catch when it seems impossible can lead to shoulder pain and other injuries.

It is best to know what a body’s limitations are and to behave accordingly but if there is a sports injury treatment, visiting our clinic is a good way to treat it.

#2. Work injuries

Workplace injuries are also incredibly common. This can occur in a job that requires physical labor or even in one where someone sits at a desk all day. When doing manual labor of any kind there is a risk of an injury. Safety precautions must be taken to avoid one. However, this is not always possible since accidents do occur.

Even office workers can injure their shoulder by doing the same repetitive motion day in and day out in the wrong chair or at a desk that is not the appropriate height. We provide treatment for those who have suffered a workplace injury and typically worker’s compensation insurance will pick up the bill.

#3. Auto injuries

Being in a car accident can cause significant damage to the spine, neck, back, and shoulders. Whether a victim has suffered whiplash or jammed their shoulder on the window during the collision, the damage can be severe and require months of therapy to recover from. Visiting the emergency room may be wise immediately after the accident.

Following immediate treatment, there will be pain that may require a physician who can treat the root cause of the problem to avoid long-term injury and complications. We help a lot of car accident victims in our office and have treatments designed to improve recovery times and increase comfort and mobility as time goes on.

We can perform a shoulder pain treatment regardless of what has initially caused the pain to occur

We specialize in treating the back and this includes treating the shoulders. Typically, the solutions we recommend are non-invasive and involve things like touch therapy, stretching, and massage. Learn more about our shoulder pain treatment and how we can help you by scheduling an appointment today.