Get Free From Pain with a Herniated Disc Treatment

Posted on: December 16, 2017

Anyone who has been suffering from pain associated with a herniated disc, should schedule an appointment for herniated disc treatment in our clinic. We understand how terribly painful this condition can be and offer this treatment as a non-surgical solution to provide our patients with relief. It is an incredibly effective way to do so.

Living a full life

Back pain can be debilitating and make it difficult or impossible for someone to live a full and healthy life. This is especially true for anyone who is suffering from a herniated disc. In this situation, other doctors may recommend scheduling surgery or going through an invasive treatment.

Our approach is different. We believe that it is always best to begin with a noninvasive solution and allow the body to attempt to heal itself. That is exactly what we do in our clinic and, typically, with great success.

After receiving one or several treatments, our patients report that their life is improved because they can do things like:

  • Go for a walk
  • Sit in a chair for a long time
  • Lift heavy objects
  • Bend, twist or move quickly
  • Play with their kids and grandkids
  • Exercise at the gym
  • Go back to work

The results vary based on each patient but the overall result is similar, patients’ lives being improved.

What is a herniated disc?

The spine is made up of many bones and vertebrae. In between them is a rubbery disc that prevents them from touching. This disc is critical for comfort because if the vertebrae touch each other, they may cause pain and irritation.

Herniated disc treatment

In order to treat the condition, we need to create space in between the vertebrae so that they are not touching. This is the first step and will help to create immediate relief. This requires a process called decompression. By decompressing the spine, we are creating more space, allowing the vertebrae in the spine to separate, the pressure to be reduced or eliminated and comfort restored. Decompression is incredibly effective and most of our patients find that they are in better health and experience less or no discomfort after just one treatment. However, how many treatments a person needs will be based on their individual health and level of overall discomfort, something that we can discuss during a consultation.

There is no surgery

It is important to note that our herniated disc treatment does not require any form of surgery. Back surgery can be effective but because it is such a serious surgery it carries a lot of risk with it, some even permanent. For this reason, we always recommend trying other methods first before electing to make such an important decision. Another benefit of not having surgery is that there are no recovery times or the need to take time off work. This makes it possible for people to receive help and to recover no matter how busy they are.

It is affordable

Herniated disc treatment is entirely affordable. This makes it easier than ever to receive treatment and begin to experience relief.

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