A Chiropractor Near Largo Can Help After a Sports Injury

Posted on: November 16, 2017

Many people visit our clinic in search of a chiropractor near Largo after suffering from a sports injury. Athletes push themselves hard and because of this, it is possible to become injured on a regular basis. Especially when training for a big event, practicing hard for the playoffs or simply trying to outdo a personal best, athletes can often push themselves too hard and too far. When this happens, an injury is likely and it is necessary to receive treatment right away to ensure that an athlete can continue to perform in the future.

Receive care right away

Remember, time is of the essence when it comes to treating a sports injury. We recommend that injured athletes visit our clinic immediately for care. By beginning the treatment process right away, we can help athletes to recover and prevent the formation of scar tissue or permanent injury. When calling our clinic, let us know when the injury occurred and what is taking place so that we can schedule the appointment at the soonest possible time.

Common sports injuries

Some common sports injuries are:

  • Sprains and strains. It is possible to sprain or pull something due to moving too quickly and placing pressure on one area of the body while going in the other direction, etc.
  • Musculoskeletal problems. The spine can suffer due to sudden or jerking movements, being shoved to the ground, the back going in one direction while the body goes in another, etc.
  • Muscle problems. When used too much, muscles can give out.

Prevention is key

It is important to take care of the body to ensure that none of these problems happen and this involves doing things like eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest and wearing the appropriate safety gear. We recommend that all athletes take great care to do these things since it can significantly influence their ongoing health and performance. Failing to stay hydrated, for example, can impact muscle performance and it can also lead to things like cramping due to dehydration. This means that taking care of the body can often come down to how many glasses of water a person has drunk that day. Additionally, taking the time to stretch is important to prevent some common injuries like strains or musculoskeletal problems.

Physical therapy can help

As a chiropractor near Largo, we not only treat some of the problems caused by sports injury but can also help prevent them from reoccurring. We recommend that athletes engage in physical therapy so that they can strengthen the areas surrounding the injured site. This can help to reduce the likelihood of being injured again in the future. The re-injury can sometimes be worse than the initial injury so physical therapy is critical to the process.

Medication free

Sometimes medication is necessary after being injured. However, as a chiropractor near Largo, we focus on medication free treatment whenever possible. Our goal is to help the body to heal naturally so we work to solve the underlying problem that is causing pain and discomfort so that pain medication is not needed on a regular basis. This is critical for everyone but especially for athletes who need the ability to function at optimal levels. Medication can compromise performance and is also highly addictive; so our approach can be safer and better in the long run.

Call today

If you are an athlete who suffered an injury, call our clinic right away so that we can provide treatment and help you to recover fully.