Back Pain Relief After a Car Accident

Posted on: March 16, 2018

In our office, we help patients to experience back pain relief. We treat people for all sorts of reasons, one of the most common is helping victims of car accidents. We have found that many people who are in a less traumatic accident like a simple rear-end collision, often do not realize that they have been injured. Only later, they begin experiencing severe back pain that requires ongoing treatment.

Failing to receive treatment early on can lead to the development of scar tissue and make it that much harder to recover. For this reason, we recommend visiting our office for an examination within days of being in a car accident and to continue receiving treatment until fully recovered.

It can't hurt to be examined

A lot of people are hesitant to schedule an appointment with the doctor if they are unsure if they really have a medical emergency. We understand not wanting to see the doctor but doing so can make the difference between reaching a full recovery or not. From our perspective, it is far better to schedule an appointment for an examination just to make sure that everything is all right, instead of living with discomfort and potentially making matters worse. Plus, we can complete an examination relatively quickly and patients do not wait long before being examined so it is easy to get in and out in an hour.

After a car accident, treatment should begin right away

We prefer to help patients experience back pain relief immediately. We recommend visiting our office at the first sign of back pain; this allows us to help prevent a lot of the pain and complications that patients can suffer after a car accident. The sooner we begin treatment, the faster the patient will recover.

Treatment options

After a car accident, we recommend several types of treatment to help patients experience immediate and long-term relief. This may include:

1. Chiropractic adjustments

Typically, an accident will force the spine to move out of alignment. This can lead to swelling, inflammation, pinched nerves, etc. The chiropractic adjustment can move the spine back into alignment so that our patients feel better and the body can begin to heal.

2. Massage therapy

Massage therapy can help to immediately reduce muscle inflammation and swelling that can be responsible for a portion of a patient's back pain. After an accident, some patients find that having a massage once or twice a week can be the best way for them to begin feeling better. This will not be necessary forever, but in the immediate aftermath of the accident, it can be incredibly beneficial.

3. Physical therapy

Eventually, it will be necessary to undergo physical therapy so that patients can begin to safely stretch and also to strengthen the body in order to promote healing and prevent a re-injury. These stretches and exercises must be done under the supervision of a medical professional to ensure that they do not exasperate the injury. When done correctly they can be incredibly beneficial for long-term recovery.

Auto insurance should pay for treatment

Typically, a patient's auto insurance policy will pay for treatments immediately following the accident. This makes it possible to visit us for back pain relief without needing to worry about making co-payments or paying for the treatments in cash. We can discuss this option in further detail when a patient calls for the first appointment.

Visit us for back pain relief

If you or someone you care about has been in a car accident, we recommend calling our office and scheduling an appointment right away. We can conduct an examination and begin the treatment necessary to experience relief from pain today and to have sustained relief in the future.