Is Chiropractic Alternative Medicine?

Chiropractic is often viewed as alternative medicine. Therefore, some patients do not try this form of treatment, thinking that perhaps it is new or has not been tested. This is most definitely not the case. There have been numerous studies … Continued

Back Pain Relief After a Car Accident

In our office, we help patients to experience back pain relief. We treat people for all sorts of reasons, one of the most common is helping victims of car accidents. We have found that many people who are in a … Continued

11 Common Migraine Triggers

We treat patients suffering from migraines and have found that migraine triggers are as diverse as the patients we treat. What triggers a migraine for one patient may be entirely different from what causes a migraine in another. However, there … Continued

Feel Better Quickly with Our Pinched Nerve Treatment

Schedule a pinched nerve treatment if you are suffering from severe back pain. Very often, people who are dealing with back pain actually struggle because their spine is out of alignment and a nerve has become pinched. This can lead … Continued

Get Free From Pain with a Herniated Disc Treatment

Anyone who has been suffering from pain associated with a herniated disc, should schedule an appointment for herniated disc treatment in our clinic. We understand how terribly painful this condition can be and offer this treatment as a non-surgical solution … Continued

A Chiropractor Near Largo Can Help After a Sports Injury

Many people visit our clinic in search of a chiropractor near Largo after suffering from a sports injury. Athletes push themselves hard and because of this, it is possible to become injured on a regular basis. Especially when training for … Continued

Treat Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms by Visiting a Spinal Pain Specialists

Fibromyalgia is a strange condition that is still being tested. As spinal pain specialists, we are treating more and more patients who are suffering from it. More women than men suffer from the condition and it tends to impact adults … Continued

Common Reasons People Need to See a Trauma Chiropractor

After an accident, it is important to visit a trauma chiropractor who can provide immediate treatment. Being in an accident is incredibly traumatic and can make it difficult to think clearly and know what steps to take next. We recommend … Continued

Massage Therapy to Improve Overall Health

In our clinic, we regularly recommend massage therapy as a way to improve our patients' overall health. Massage can be used to help loosen and relax the muscles and to stimulate overall healing. When there is a spinal injury of some … Continued

Three Reasons Patients Visit for a Shoulder Pain Treatment

If suffering from intense shoulder pain, visit our clinic for a shoulder pain treatment. It can be difficult to perform daily tasks such as moving around at work, household activities, playing with the kids or even meeting job requirements when … Continued